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The Young Survivors by Debra Barnes

What if everyone you loved was suddenly taken away? Five siblings struggle to stay together as the tides of war threaten to tear them apart.

When Germany invades and occupies France in the Second World War, the five Laskowski children lose everything: their home, their Jewish community and most devastatingly their parents who are abducted in the night. There is no safe place left for them to evade the Nazis, but they cling together, never certain when the authorities will come for what is left of them.

Inspired by the poignant, true story of the author's mother, this moving historical novel conveys the hardship, the uncertainty and the impossible choices the Laskowski children were forced to make to survive the horrors of the Holocaust.

The Young Survivors is the powerful debut novel by Debra Barnes.

***What readers are saying:***

'This is one of those impossible to put down books. You know the ones where the pacing, the chapter breaks etc are all perfectly timed so you keep reading 'just one more bit', until you are late for making dinner, or have stayed up too late?'

'I absolutely loved this book. So brilliantly told that I felt connected to all the characters and their experiences. This is a story that will stay with me for a long time to come.'

'Heartbreaking... so riveting that I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning reading. Highly recommended!'

The Young Survivors was published on 23 July, 2020 by Duckworth Books. It is available to buy now from all good bookshops including:

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