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One in six million

The most incredible thing happened this week. It was Yom HaShoah on 7 April, when the Jewish community light yellow candles to honour the memories of the six million victims of the Holocaust.

Each yellow candle has a card with the name, hometown, and the place of death and age of a Jewish person who perished during the Holocaust. There is a campaign on social media where people post a photo of their candle with the little card, using the hashtag #yellowcandle. Every year I zoom in on the social media posts to see if I recognise any of the names, not really expecting to see a name from my family.

So imagine my shock when my friend of 14 years Karen posted a photo of her candles with a card bearing the name of my mother's twin sister. Her name was Annette Szklarz but from the moment she was taken to Drancy in July 1944 she was mistakenly registered as Danielle, and so that is the name she is registered with in the Yad Vashem Hall of Names.

Even more incredible is that Karen and I both work for The Association of Jewish Refugees and we picked up our yellow candles from the office. I could have picked up that candle!

When I told my family they said, "What are the odds?" and I replied, "One in six million!" Many have said that it was a sign from my aunt and my mum to continue my work telling their story.

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